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miércoles, 10 de septiembre de 2008

9/11 reloaded

Hi, the 9/11 reminds us several facts, let’s mention from the most known up to the less known:
2001/09/11 twin towers felt down, something produce damage in pentagon, other facts officially lightly investigated happened in USA, proofs destroyed immediately. News insist it was a foreign terrorist affair, although every little and big detail says it was a local terrorist work, a north American group that would go to Afghanistan to get more oil and more drugs (40% increase opium production) with the money of the “tax payer” citizen of USA.
There are lots of questions that officially no one CAN INVESTIGATE.
Why, bush said twice, he saw the first impact on tower?
Why this impact was filmed from another building? And this film team leaves USA with no question.
Why the hole in pentagon is smaller than the plane that hit it? If the hole is as a missile hole, why should we believe it was made with a big plane?
Why should I believe there was not a controlled demolition?
and much more...

1973/09/11 Assassination of a president, in Chile, Allende is killed and begun a bloody military dictatorial government. After several years and after dictator Pinochet is dead, is accepted that EEUU (CIA) gave support to that operation. Price was high, but they got the goal, today Chile has more commercial operation with USA and his partners than with the “evil” countries.

1988/09/11 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento is dead. In 1943, 55 years after his dead, the “Conferencia Interamericana de Educación” (all American educators, with American we mean ALL America, from Argentina to Canada) met in Panama and establish 9/11 as the Teacher Day.

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